Burnout Syndrome

Everybody can be affected by the burnout syndrom. It is not a matter of age, gender or profession. All about the Burnout Syndrome on a new Swiss Website.   [more]

Health portal in French language

For the french speaking audience a new health portal has been implemented: Santeweb. High quality health news, researched and written by a team of medical doctors.   [more]

Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency is worldwide the most widespread deficiency symptom. If you know that you are affected by a iron deficiency, it is easy to correct.   [more]

Santemedia Health Videos

Santemedia, an agency in Bern, Switzerland, is producer of health related TV broadcasts. Their site offers all broadcasts as videos and in addition useful and informative articles.   [more]

The leading Swiss Health Portal

More than 12'000 pages about health issues, diseases, wellness and wellbeing. The editorial staff of medical doctors and health professionals ensures reliable information in high quality.   [more]

Dental Health

The Swiss dental health portal ZahnFit imparts basic knowlege about teeth and teethridge, explains dental prophylaxis and oral hygiene and provides information about medically necessary orthodontic treatment and aesthetical orthodontic treatment.   [more]